T38 T45 T51 rock drilling speed drill rods

Short Description:

R32, R38, T38, T45, T51, T60 Thread Extension Rod & MF rod :

(1) Threaded Connection: R22, R25, R32, R38, T38, T45, T51, and so on.

(2) Diameter: OD32, OD38, HEX32, HEX35, And so on.

(3) Length: 600-6400mm.

(4) Package: Wooden cases or wrapped with plastic knitting and then packed into bundles or as per your requests.

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Specification for Drill Rod for hydraulic, top hammer drilling tools
Material:Structural Alloy Steel
Application:Tunnel , Blasting , Mining , Quarrying, Piling, Indutrial water-well, and Infrastructure Construction
Facedrilling and Bolting, Bench Drilling,Production drilling, Long hole drilling
Thread Type:H22,R25,R28,R32,R35,R38,T38,T45,T51,GT60,ST58,ST68
Rod Type:Extension rod,Drifter rod,MF rod,MF Drifter rod, Guide tube, Tapered drill rod, Integral drill steel,Plug hole integral rod
Body Type:Hexagonal type,Round type
Rod Length:260mm~6400mm
CustomDesign:Thread,Diameter,Length, Color can be customized
Connection form: threaded connection type, square connection type, hexagonal connection type
Flat buckle: Φ34.0mm, Φ42.0mm, Φ50.0mm
Cone button: Φ63.5mm, Φ73.0mm, Φ89.0mm
Square connection type: F24, F.26, F30, F32
Hexagonal connection type: B34, B35, B41, B45, B55, B41-B42.5, B48-B49
Application field: Suitable for deep hole drilling construction with geological conditions above medium hard.

Product advantages
The main body of the drill pipe is made of high-quality geological special alloy steel pipe, and the joint of the drill pipe is made of high-quality alloy structural steel. It is manufactured through high-pressure forming, vacuum treatment, friction welding, and overall surface hardening. The thread processing uses advanced automated processing equipment to effectively ensure that each The processing accuracy of each product. It has the characteristics of high bending strength, firm welding and high slag discharge efficiency. Compared with similar products, the fatigue strength and shear strength are greatly improved.

The differentiated design of the spiral blade structure has a wider range of applications for drilling geological conditions. The structural design of the high spiral blade is suitable for deep hole drilling construction with geological conditions above medium and hard, and the structural design of the low spiral blade is suitable for soft and soft geological conditions. Drilling of coal seam and drilling of gas drainage. It has the characteristics of efficient slag discharge, high drilling hole rate and not easy to stick.

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